6, December 2015

Residential Sandblasting Services

Many people may ask what sandblasting is. Sandblasting is a simple process that involves propelling streams of air under very high pressure against a surface. This may be aimed at smoothening the surface, roughening it or giving it some desired shape. Take note that compressed air is used. Under different operations, the air performs different tasks as desired. If you are a resident of the Permian Basin of Texas and you need sandblasting services, you need not worry much as there are various sandblasting services that you can choose.
Services offered
The services offered are many. If there is a task you keep postponing simply because you don’t know how to go about it, the services we offer will definitely cover you. Some of them might just be what you have been looking for and may include the following:
• Paint removal
Removing old paint may prove to be a heavy and tedious job. However, sandblasting simplifies that task and reduces the effort included. Our equipment completes this task easily with less time.

• Removing stains and other items
It is common to find stains on walls. Stains can be a nuisance when trying to remove them. However, in sandblasting, this can be an easy task as compressed air used propels the medium against the stains removing them easily. These stains could include oil. Hot water and soap can be directed towards the stains removing them very easily. This technique can be referred to as hydro-blasting.

• Rust stripping
Rust easily forms on surfaces exposed to air and water. Rust can be hard to strip but when the right medium is propelled against surfaces that contain rust in sandblasting they are easily cleaned off surfaces.

• Cleaning outdoor furniture
When furniture is stationed outside, they easily get dirty with different materials. Cleaning them can prove to be a great nuisance if the right materials are not involved. Our sandblasting services, takes care of this. The right cleaning agents such as soap and hot water can be easily be propelled towards the furniture making sandblasting a great technique in cleaning outdoor furniture.

• Removing surface deposits
At times there are various deposits that can be left on surfaces. Sandblasting employs a technique called bead blasting to remove these deposits. Glass beads are applied against the surface at high pressure allowing removal of the deposits without damaging the surface.

• Surface coating and painting
When surfaces need to be coated or painted, a technique called automated blasting is used. The coating material or paint used is simply applied against the surface at high pressure. This results in a well painted wall or surface that is smooth and appealing.
Perhaps you wonder what the advantages of sandblasting services are. Residential Sandblasting services in the Permian Basin of Texas are designed to offer different benefits to the client. Coupled with the great services offered are many advantages that come with our services. They include the following:
• Heavy work is lightened
It can be very hard to complete a task if done manually. Sandblasting equipment simplifies these tasks by offering a great variety of options. They are easily operable and needs little input.

• Mobile equipment making us responsive
Sandblasting does not need heavy machinery. Equipment is mobile thus as soon as you place a call for sandblasting services the response time is very small. This is a great advantage as you wouldn’t want delays in service delivery.

• Experienced professionals
Before employing people to offer services to clients, they are trained accordingly to offer greats services. They are also exposed to different tasks making them highly experienced.

• Less space and energy consumption
Sandblasting equipment is built with versatility and mobility making them need less space for operation. They also need limited energy for operation and the input applied in operation is little.

• Surfaces are protected from damage
Normally, water is used in the process. The water between media and surfaces acts as a cushion protecting surfaces from damage.

Residential sandblasting services offered in the Permian Basin of Texas include paint removal, cleaning outdoor furniture, stain removal, rust stripping, surface coating and painting and also removal of surface deposits. These amazing services are coupled with different benefits. Sandblasting equipment used are versatile and make service delivery quick. The experienced professional workers also help to offer good services.