14, December 2015

What You Need To Know

Sandblasting is a term used in describing one of the types of surface cleaning propelling fine bits of materials at a very high velocity to etch or clean a surface. Most clients often use sandblasting services in priming a surface before paint or sealant application. Sand blasting takes away all the imperfections off whatever surface such as dirt, trapped dust, or bubbles that is from a previous paint layer making it smooth and ready for a re-paint.

To look for professional sandblasting services in Permian Basin of Texas, just type in your search engine the keywords “affordable sandblasting services, Texas”. The qualities in which companies provide have set the bar high in terms of these types of services. Make sure you pick the particular company that is more knowledgeable and experienced in sand blasting and its surrounding areas. They also have to use state of the art and abrasive blasting equipment that we will discuss below to ensure that the procedure is environmentally friendly while also keeping surfaces including wood, stucco, brick and concrete safe.

Choosing the Right Sandblasting Equipment to Suit Your Needs

You might be thinking to just rely on your potential company to hire to do all the decisions in your sandblasting inquiry but it is important that you understand the variety of equipment that you can choose from to not only avoid getting ripped off but also to know which distinct type suits your need. Each of this equipment has their own specific operating instructions and all of them are suited to certain applications. Below is a quick outline on the various sandblasting equipment to help you in making a decision onto which one to use.


This is a type of equipment for sandblasting that is most popular around because it is simple to work on plus it is very inexpensive to use. Siphon consists of some kind of an air gun that can fit two different kinds of hoses i.e. one that blows the air out that is being delivered by the compressor and the other sucks in all the abrasive material. A vacuum is created to mix these two together before the nozzle releases pressure.


This is a type of equipment that is viewed as the most professional of all types as it has a higher sandblasting pressure and is more efficient in the overall sense. It is quite often used in workplaces and industries that undertake a large amount of time in sandblasting. This consists of a tank that has been pressurized so the air contains an abrasive mixture before being shot into the surface.


Power washers are used in services that need wet sandblasting. This is basically an equipment that consists of a pressure-washer that is mixed with an abrasive and water before it is blown out by the nozzle. This helps in cleaning surfaces much quicker and better than all the previously mentioned and it is commonly used when one wants to remove graffiti to affected buildings.

Unfortunately, most of the sandblasting equipment is subjected to problems with regards to the flow of the abrasive especially if the material used is relatively cheap. As what the saying goes, one gets what one paid for and this could not be held more true in comes to sandblasting equipment and services. The pressure pot and siphon equipment are subjected to less satisfying results as it most likely to have clogging and other flowing problems.

Texas has lots of quality and affordable companies that provide sandblasting services that could safely and effectively prepare and clean any kind of surface from glass to ship hulls and everything in the middle. Just make sure to hire those that are only committed in not just meeting clients’ requirements but also providing the best actual sandblasting one could ever see. Price for the sandblasting service must also be reasonable and the work exceptional.

Whether you are an individual or a business owner and you need a small aluminum chair or a boat frame to fix, you can benefit from sandblasting services. It removes heavy and old coatings as well as corrosion on almost anything. Keep in mind to choose the company that takes pride in providing timely and excellent service to customers that will also result to superior finished products guaranteeing satisfaction.

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